Maiyan Ben Yona is a ceramic designer that creates from ceramic materials.  She is a graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Department of Bezalel Art Academy. Today she works in Tel Aviv in her own studio.

In her work on the wheel, she connects up with something basic and primary. Through processing the clay and engaging in the rhythmic, monotone of the wheel work, she creates a space of peacefulness enabling the pieces or vessels to develop into their forms.

Maiyan is motivated in her work by constantly observing and striving for new results. Her work and processing of the material enables self-expression. She creates original pieces by using a combination of original surface work together with other original techniques,testing the boundaries and capability of the materials. Her works include a combination of materials, techniques and inspiration. Together these create her unique style of colors, textures and decorations.

The pieces are made from stone ware clay and porcelain that are burnt at a high temperature of 1230 -1280 degrees.

2015 Graduated from Department of Ceramic and Glass Design – Bezalel.

2016-17 "First Studio Scholarship" in "Beit Benyamini". A one year scholarship granted to chosen ceramic graduates from different Schools of Ceramics in Israel.

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